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2640 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles CA, USA

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Walead Beshty, “Passages,” 2009. Exhibition view at LA><ART

LA><ART is an independent, nonprofit art space in Los Angeles that presents experimental exhibitions and public art initiatives, offering the public access to a new generation of artists and curators. Responding to LA’s cultural climate, LA><ART questions the given context for the exhibition of contemporary art, architecture, and design, inciting conversation about contemporary art practices in LA. It offers a space for provocation, dialogue, and confrontation, enhancing the cultural landscape of LA by supporting challenging work and reflecting the diversity of the city. With a renewed vision for the potential of independent art spaces, LA><ART provides a center for interdisciplinary discussion and interaction for the production and exhibition of new, exploratory work. It is a hub for artists based on flexibility, transition, spontaneity, and change. The space responds to an urgency and obligation to provide an accessible exhibition space for contemporary artists, architects, and designers, animating dynamic relationships between art, artists, and audiences.

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