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Cra 3 No. 12d - 83 La Candelaria
Centro Historico, Bogotá

La Peluquería

Bogotá, Colombia

Cover Image:

Interior view of La Peluquería, Bogotá. Courtesy La Peluquería

La Peluquería is a contemporary cultural art center that focuses on promoting, commercializing, and spreading the word about products in the artistic environment, such as cultural events, art exhibitions, new musical proposals, and cultural management.

At the same time, it offers hair design services (as an artistic practice), a meeting place, product promotion, press conferences, artistic talks, and cooperative services (lending the venue) for other similar organizations.

La Peluquería aims to generate new artistic experiences for new audiences, using the simplest but most creative language: bringing art to new audiences and generating reflections of day-to-day life (as happens at a typical hairdresser’s salon). La Peluquería generates new social events with cultural activities, encourages emerging artists, and integrates both disciplines.

La Peluquería is not really a hairdresser. Nor is it a cultural center, museum, gallery, or café. It’s simply a place that allows the growth of not only hair but also creativity.

La Peluquería is a project-place for contemporary art, open to everyone: a living room for our people, a delivery room for art; a place to meet, chat, exhibit, and support new artistic proposals; a place where secrets are told, where the hidden is exposed, where the artists commit sins and those sins are forgiven.

It is where there is love for the simple and the complex: where work created but not shown or understood is just a creativity myth; where scissors don’t have rounded tips (punta roma) because we have our very own Bogotanian tips (punta bogotana); where shampoo smells like colors and the colors run down your neck; where getting your head shaved is free; where you can always get a haircut.

It is the official shearing shop for those who want their heads to roll.

Public Hours
Monday–Saturday: 9 a.m.–8 p.m. (extended during special events)
Founding Year
  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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