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Calle 64 # 8-34
Chapinero, Bogotá


Bogotá, Colombia

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Paola Gaviria, “Antes de Que Todo se Acabe” (“Before Everything Ends”), 2011. Exhibition view at Laagencia, Bogotá. Photo: Santiago Pinyol

Run by four artists, Laagencia is an art project that features an independent cultural production space in the heart of a very diverse neighborhood in Bogotá, Chapinero. The space is located on the first floor of a building where artists, architects, and designers have their studios, which has generated synergic relationships and interdisciplinary exchanges among the tenants. Since artist-run spaces such as ours have recently emerged in Bogotá, we are trying to generate projects and new directions that involve all of us, aiming to establish better communication between young, contemporary art practitioners and the cultural offerings that are available in the city.

We aim to promote experimental and interdisciplinary practices inside our forty-square-meter showcase space. We also endeavor to expand these practices to other places, and to think of our job as being coproducers of specific projects, side by side with the artists and people who come here to develop their work.

One of our rules for art exhibitions is that we only take solo projects; in a way, this challenges curatorial formats that have become a “safe place” to talk about things without really getting into an interesting or risky discussion. In order to relate with open and innovative formats, we like to proceed in an informal way, with a horizontal approach to dialogues. We also have an art residency program that has been growing since we joined the Iberoamerican network of residencies ( In this sense, we are very interested in producing itinerant projects that involve exchange and exploring collective ways to share knowledge. We truly believe in these projects as powerful tools for the formation of interesting and innovative ways to make art.

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