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18A Major Dizon St.
Industrial Valley Marikina


Marikina, Philippines

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Exterior view of LOSTprojects, Marikina. 2010. Courtesy LOSTprojects

LOSTprojects is an alternative art space dedicated to building a more engaged community between local and international artists, curators, and fellow alternative art spaces. Situated in Industrial Valley Marikina, off the track from cultural strips and commercial districts in Metro Manila, it is an expanded platform of exchange primarily among artists in Manila and Australia. Likewise, it exists to promote artists who are involved in its projects, within and beyond these two regions.

Founded by Australian artist David Griggs, who has been based in Manila since early 2009, LOSTprojects was officially established through its successful participation in VOLTA6 (Basel, Switzerland) in June 2010. It was inaugurated on July 1, 2010, with its first resident artist Pow Martinez. Since then, it has held exhibitions by Martinez, Ben Quilty, and Sam Kiyoumarsi. Today, it is run by Griggs and curator Siddharta Perez.

The space has provided a program for interaction with the local contemporary arts sector, with visiting curators such as Deborah Smith (London), Susan Gibb (Sydney), Russell Storer (Brisbane), Timo Roter (Hamburg), and Kevin Power (Madrid), as well as artists such as Ben Quilty (Sydney) and Claus Carstensen (Copenhagen). Artists from the Philippines have been exhibited in Australia at venues such as Y3K gallery and Center for Contemporary Photography.

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