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419 NW 9th
Portland, OR

lumber room

Portland OR, USA

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Interior view of lumber room, Portland. Photo: Jeremy Bitterman

The lumber room acts as a catalyst for ideas, objects, thoughts, stories, desires, and actions. Formally established in spring 2010 with the first artist in residence, the lumber room has since welcomed artists as well as art students, curators, collectors, writers, and architects.

In its most primary form, the artist in residence activates the lumber room. Each residency addresses a complex of open-ended questions, such as: “What is the reciprocal effect of creative act on a place or within a community?” Artists in residence collaborate with lumber room founder Sarah Miller Meigs to plan and create actions through art making, lectures, events, exhibitions, and workshops. Over time, these actions will create a history, one continually re-effecting and being effected by place and community.

The lumber room partners with cultural entities and educational institutions in bringing artists and art-related events to the region. Every activity instigated by the lumber room is documented and absorbed by its physical archive, becoming part of its recorded history. Each event, lecture, workshop, gathering, or exhibition leaves its trace in memory and object. Each artist contributes to the lumber room’s memory, collectively weaving a rich tapestry for the enrichment of the community.

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