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Building Number 21
Nadim Al-Mallah Street
Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Amman

Makan Art Space

Amman, Jordan

Cover Image:

Annemarie Jacir and Nidal Khairy, “Censored,” 2010. Exhibition view at Makan Art Space, Amman. Photo: Hassan Amin

Makan Art Space is an independent, dynamic space for contemporary art in Amman, Jordan, encouraging experimentation in concepts and production. Makan cooperates with artists with an open door for new ideas and creative suggestions, and works toward creating links between the local art scene, the region, and abroad, building a network of artists, art operators, and spaces. The space’s events focus on social issues and taking art into the public sphere. Its projects include running an artist exchange and residency program, organizing and participating in workshops, both locally and internationally, hosting art events, including exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and music programs, and providing studio spaces for artists.

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