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Skårs Led 9

Martini Projects

Gothenburg, Sweden

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“Demolition Contract,” 2011. Exhibition view at Martini Projects, Gothenburg. Photo: Sara Lindeborg

Martini Projects is a platform for collaboration initiated by artists Verena Gillmeier, Sara Lindeborg, Max Ronnersjö, and Märta Rovin. The “project” is to make our own setting, while expanding the dialogue in support of the arts community in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The current Martini Projects space opened in August 2011, and is a 160-square-meter hall inside a former brewery, in an industrial area of the city. Working primarily with emerging artists, as well as artists who have never shown in Gothenburg, we explore the curatorial process as a collaborative one, using new ways to display and construct art within a common and experimental platform.

We think it is important to make art production responsive, collaborative, social, and temporary in form. We also want to stress the necessity of how theory and practice, intention, and production can be understood as one body of work. Every Wednesday we host an “Art Bar” event, where we offer drinks and food, both to create a meeting point and to provide us with economic self-sufficiency—forming a community, working against the odds, and minimizing the gap between the audience and the scene.

Public Hours
Wednesday–Friday: 7–10 p.m.
Saturday–Sunday: 12–3 p.m.
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