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Rua Tomaz del Negro, 8 A


Lisbon, Portugal

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Maria Thereza Alves, “On the Importance of Words, a Sacred Mountain (Stolen), and the Morality of Nations,” 2009. Exhibition view at Lumiar Cité, Lisbon. Photo: Arne Kaiser. Courtesy Maumaus

The core activities of Maumaus comprise the Independent Study Programme of Visual Arts, the International Residency Programme, and the Lumiar Cité exhibition space.

The Independent Study Programme of Visual Arts is a postgraduate program that offers international artists, having finished their undergraduate studies, a broad range of activities, including lectures (Maumaus Lecture Series), seminars, workshops, tutorials, and critical studies. The program seeks to instigate discussions on contemporary philosophies concerning phenomena of our being (from artistic, historical, art historical, political, and sociological perspectives).

The International Residency Programme is intended for international artists, curators, and art theorists. Guests of the program are invited to teach in the Independent Study Programme, hold lectures at the Lumiar Cité exhibition space or produce artworks and exhibitions to be presented at Lumiar Cité.

Lumiar Cité is an exhibition space located in Alta de Lisboa, a large urban redevelopment project that combines social and free-market housing on the outskirts of Lisbon. Since 2008, Maumaus has presented a regular program at Lumiar Cité of mostly new projects that focus on current conditions in large cities.

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