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No. 54 (1-E), Bo Yar Nyunt St. Dagon Tsp

New Zero Art Space

Yangon, Myanmar

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Children’s art class at New Zero Art Space, Yangon, 2010. Courtesy New Zero Art Space

In March 2008, New Zero Art Group proudly opened the New Zero Art Space, which was established to help and upgrade Myanmar’s contemporary art society, and to promote the work of the country’s young generation of artists. New Zero Art Space Center was notably the first art space in Myanmar. Today, thirty-two artists participate in the space as members.

New Zero Art Space runs regular exhibitions and free art classes for children and adults, and has started a contemporary art library that houses art books, DVDs, movies, and documentaries of exhibitions and art movements of Myanmar. Since the Nargis cyclone, which hit Myanmar in April 2008, New Zero Art Group has been helping victims through weekly visits to those who live in the affected areas. The group also presents monthly exhibitions, workshops (including courses on documentaries and short films), and seminars. Artists from other countries hold exhibitions and seminars at the space as well.

Urgent Request for Humanitarian Aid
The living situation has not yet settled for victims of the Nargis cyclone, and it will perhaps take three or four more years. We are taking the responsibility to make that happen, and have already assisted in this effort using the resources we have. We continue to collect donations to build shelters and to provide food and all basic needs to the victims. Please visit our website for more information.

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