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24 Stafford Street
New Zealand


Dunedin, New Zealand

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Alex MacKinnon and Rory MacMurdo, 2010 performance at None, Dunedin. Photo: Edwina Stevens

Occupant-run and self-funded, None is comprised of artist studios and project/performance spaces. Since 2003, None has had an ever changing occupation of the ten+ studio spaces, and has enjoyed a routinely chaotic approach to management along the way. This is important, as None occupies the role of a place where projects can be allowed to happen unmediated and at any time, and has never had any obligations as a gallery that must be open certain days. Simply, None is first and foremost a studio collective and, after that, a platform for projects and events of the sporadic and the experimental—the things that simply do not happen if there is nowhere to do them.

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