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Milan, Italy

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Ursula Scherrer, Glades, 2007. Video installation with headphones, created as part of the O’A.I.R. program at O’, Milan. Photo: Sara Serighelli. Courtesy O’

O’ is a nonprofit organization that broadly encourages new futures for contemporary art languages. It was founded in May 2001 by Sara Serighelli and Angelo Colombo as O’artoteca; its name changed to O’ in 2008. Based in the Isola district of Milan, its activities are developed through a spacious gallery, as well as L.A.B.-LaboratorioArtiBovisa, a professional external studio for fine art photographs and prints.

O’ is an interdisciplinary space that promotes art exhibitions, lectures, performances, experimental production, concerts, and editions. Its projects are mainly site-specific and inspired by “connections”—living and lasting relations. As for its innovative features, in the spring of 2006, O’ started O’A.I.R., an international residency program for artists and theorists, an ideal “box” of experiences and a place of dialogue and relationship, where space, time, and resources are offered in order to support and bring out the artists’ creative process.

Since its opening, O’ has established a strong relationship with the Austrian AIR program Hotel Pupik, managing the Italian participants during the program’s two annual appointments in Schrattenberg. In addition, together with the record label and publishing house Die Schachtel in Milan, O’ develops projects and performances of composers and artists in the field of international avant-garde and experimental music.

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