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Enping Road
Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

Shenzhen, China

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Exterior view of OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen, 2009. Photo: Ben Liu

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) is a division of the He Xiangning Art Museum, located in Shenzhen. Officially established on January 28, 2005, OCAT is China’s only nonprofit contemporary art organization connected to a national art museum. OCAT also has exhibition spaces in Shanghai.

While OCAT is named after the Overseas Chinese Town in which it is located, its core mission is to integrate resources from around the world for contemporary Chinese art, and to promote exchanges and interactions between China and the world in this respect. It aims, through exhibitions, forums, and artist-in-residence programs, to construct an institution that is about Chinese art but maintains an international vision and professionalism. It is committed to functioning as a hub, a supply center, and a departure point for contemporary Chinese art. Such ideas were in its conception at the very outset, and the concept of being an “international terminal” for contemporary Chinese art was made evident in its name.

OCAT is dedicated to producing projects and events pivoted on visual art, but also includes live arts, music performances, films, videos, and multimedia presentations. Furthermore, in line with its mission to support and develop the leading edge of contemporary art practice among China’s most outstanding and promising artists, OCAT serves as a dynamic platform upon which resources and artists from across the world are brought together, and exchanges between China and the world at all levels are enabled.

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