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7 Azahraa Street

Palestinian Art Court—Al Hoash

Jerusalem, Palestine

Cover Image:

Jane Frere, “Return of the Soul: The Nakba Project,” 2008. Exhibition view at Palestinian Art Court—Al-Hoash Gallery. Courtesy Al-Hoash Gallery

Palestinian Art Court—Al-Hoash is a nonprofit cultural organization based in Jerusalem. It was established in 2004 by a number of independent Palestinians who recognized the crucial need for a professional body to revive, present, preserve, and develop the status of the visual arts as a major component of Palestinian cultural identity.

The main goal of Al-Hoash is the creation of an institution for the public, wherein visual arts can be acquired, conserved, researched, communicated, and exhibited. Our mission was set to guide the organization toward this goal: “To collect, preserve, interpret, and promote visual arts in Palestine.” We achieve our mission through establishing a permanent Palestinian art collection, building art knowledge and appreciation, researching and documenting Palestinian visual arts, actively interacting with artists and the local community, and building bridges of cross-cultural exchange with local, regional, and international partners.

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