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Sos. Titulescu, No. 1
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Bucharest, Romania

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“From Contemplating to Constructing Situations,” 2011. Entrance of PAVILION UNICREDIT, Bucharest, during the exhibition opening. Courtesy PAVILION UNICREDIT

PAVILION UNICREDIT (PU), a center of contemporary art and culture, is located on the ground floor of a building in Victoria Square. The building was a banking center from 1993 until 2008. Construction of the block on which it lies started in the years of the communist regime, and concluded five years after the fall of Communism. PU now uses this space for the implicit messages it conveys, for its location (right across from the center of executive power—the Romanian Government building) and for its history, which would otherwise easily be forgotten. It is a space for the knowledge and interest in society, city, and community.

PU is a work in progress, an independent space; it is a place for production and research in the audiovisual, discursive, and performative fields, and a place for critical thinking. The center also promotes an artistic perspective that implies the social and political involvement of art and cultural institutions.

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