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Milan, Italy

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Alicja Kwade. “Broken Away From Common Standpoints,” 2010. Exhibition view at Peep-Hole, Milan. Courtesy Peep-Hole

Peep-Hole is a nonprofit art center founded in Milan, in 2009, by curators Vincenzo de Bellis, Bruna Roccasalva, and Anna Daneri. Peep-Hole’s mission is to encourage people to take a closer look at each artist’s practice, through an agile program that moves between the formats of exhibitions, publications, lectures, and conversations. Peep-Hole’s aim is to weed out useless superstructures and replace them with a leaner relationship between the artwork and viewer.

Peep-Hole produces site-specific projects with international artists of different generations. Aspects of the program are initiated through collaborations with other institutions, aligning Peep-Hole with diverse approaches and methods, and forging a network of international connections and exchange.

Peep-Hole’s recently completed projects include In Other Words (2009-2010), a collaboration with Kunstalle Zürich featuring a series of performances, speeches, readings, and talks exploring art practices that use writing as an inherent component. Past exhibitions include: Ahmet Ögüt (2009); Alicja Kwade (2010); Mario Garcia Torres (2010); Corrado Levi (2010); J. Parker Valentine (2010); Pavel Büchler and Evangelia Spiliopoulou (2011); Francesco Arena (2011); Elena Narbutaite and Dalia Dudenaite (May 2011). Peep-Hole’s program is supported by almost seventy artists. All of them have contributed to the existence of Peep-Hole and have become honorary members of the organization.

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