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588 Avenue Adoula
Democratic Republic of Congo


Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

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“Lubumbashi PICHA Encounters,” 2008. Exhibition view at Mozambique pavilion. Photo: Aurole Engelen

PICHA is an art center in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo), which started in 2006 and was formally registered in 2010. It is active in the field of visual arts and urban culture. The main objective of PICHA is to create a framework for local professional artists and for local cultural activists.

The art center has a graphic studio, audiovisual recording studio, silkscreening workshop, and a residence for visiting artists. It initiated and managed numerous projects involving local artists and facilitated exchanges with international artists. PICHA is also engaged in advocating for the status of artists and developing a cultural policy that promotes the arts and culture, and in promoting women artists in the rural area, at Makwacha village.

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