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Charbasthi, Patenga

Porapara Space for Artists

Chittagong, Bangladesh

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Interior view of Porapara Space for Artists, Chittagong. Courtesy Porapara Space for Artists

The contemporary visual art field of Bangladesh needs many alternative spaces in order to run experimentation and research work, to develop visual arts application through national and international society, to exchange cultural experiences and ideas that have artistic prospects, and to make a clear understanding between different cultures and nations within a global contemporary perspective. However, there are no such spaces in the country. So Porapara Space for Artists tries to make a space through its own efforts.

Porapara is run by Abu Naser Robii and his friends. It is a personal initiative to support artistic development by providing important logistical, educational, aesthetic, and communicational support to emerging artists. It is devoted to establishing a professional trend of visual art practice, and is the first space in Bangladesh that supports experimentation in the visual art field with artistic expectation.

Porapara organizes projects that explore public communication through artistic activity. Situated near the Chittagong Shah-Amanat International Airport, it is close to a beach and a riverside, and is located within a village area. The space runs regular programs that involve local villagers, as well as artists from around the country and abroad. Since its inception, Porapara has organized seventeen artist workshops, fourteen artwork presentations of foreign artists, four artists residency programs for art students from Bangladesh and ten for international artists, seven exhibitions, three public art projects, two art camps, and many artist talks.

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