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Whitehall Waterfront
2 Riverdale Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire

PSL [Project Space Leeds]

Leeds, United Kingdom

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Dutton and Swindells, “The Stag and Hound,” 2011. Installation view of works in progress at PSL [Project Space Leeds]. Photo: Steve Swindells. Courtesy PSL

PSL [Project Space Leeds] is a nonprofit, artist-led organization that engages creatively with the practice and dissemination of contemporary art. We develop and promote: a large-scale gallery space at Whitehall Waterfront in Leeds’s city center, off-site projects, publications, mentoring, and the active encouragement of interdisciplinary discussion and events. These projects develop in response to a practitioner-focused philosophy in a rigorous framework of engaged discussion with creative partners, both nationally and internationally.

Additional events, such as talks, seminars, and education workshops, sit alongside the exhibitions program, engaging diverse audiences and aiming to grow awareness of the city’s contemporary visual arts. By working with organizations from outside Leeds PSL aims not only to bring established artists to the city and to provide opportunities for native talent, but also to position Leeds on the national and international radar. PSL was founded in 2006 by artist-curators Pippa Hale, Kerry Harker, and Diane Howse.

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