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47 Street 178
Phnom Penh

Reyum Institute

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Exterior view of Reyum Institute, Phnom Penh. Courtesy Reyum Institute

Reyum Institute was founded in the late 1990s to research, document, and promote Cambodian arts and culture. Its activities include publishing and archiving, as well as organizing exhibitions and events. For more than ten years, Reyum has been able to offer to the general public numerous exhibitions and publications that contribute to a better overall understanding of Cambodian culture, society, and history. It has been able to do so mainly thanks to the generous support from various foundations.

Looking to the future, Reyum is developing plans to extend and enhance its income-generating activities, such as book and artwork sales, and café and boutique operations, in order to help support its public programs. Reyum hopes to achieve its goals, so that it can continue to offer to the public a platform for exchange and better understanding of Cambodian culture and society.

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