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Apt. 2, No. 99, Pardis Street
Ariafar Street, Sazman-e Ab Street
Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Highway, Tehran

Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts

Tehran, Iran

Cover Image:

Conversation with Shirana Shahbazi, 2012. Courtesy Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts

Sazmanab is an independent nonprofit art space in Iran, established in 2009. Sazmanab supports artistic work in a wide range of media through exhibitions, events, residencies for artists and curators, educational initiatives, talks, and publications. By establishing local and international relationships as well as diversifying both the practitioners and audiences of contemporary art, Sazmanab aims to support and expand the knowledge, appreciation, and practice of contemporary arts in Iran and to promote Iranian arts and artists locally and internationally through its programming and outreach activities.

Sazmanab is located in the northwest of Tehran’s Sadeghiyeh district. The exhibitions feature the work of emerging artists alongside those who are internationally recognized. Sazmanab regularly holds talks, presentations, panels, and lectures and hosts screenings, film premieres, and book launches.

Sazmanab collaborates with institutions and arts professionals both regionally and internationally to create exhibitions, hold events, share resources, and facilitate artist exchanges. Each year, several international artists and curators hold residencies at Sazmanab, working in the studio on Sazmanab’s premises and pursuing independent projects in the city. Visiting artists and curators often make exhibitions, presentations, and lead workshops during their stay. Sazmanab has initiated numerous subprojects, beginning with Sazmanab TV (online television featuring Iranian arts and artists) in 2011, as well as Lost&Found in Tehran—a databank of video art from Iran dedicated to the promotion, stewardship, and preservation of the works. It also provides an art historical and cultural framework for the collection, with related activities that include extensive online resources, educational initiatives, and public programs.

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