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Sculpture Square Limited


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Exterior view of the Chapel at Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2009. Courtesy Sculpture Square Limited

Sculpture Square Limited, a nonprofit, independent arts organization, is Singapore’s first and only art space dedicated to the promotion, development, and regional exchange of contemporary three-dimensional art. Since 1999, it has been a key player in the local visual arts scene, especially in recognizing and nurturing young talent. Individual and collaborative exhibitions, regional artist exchanges, artist residencies and symposiums—such stimulating programs afford opportunities for both new and established artists to grow in the field of three-dimensional art. As a regional hub for sculpture and contemporary three-dimensional art, Sculpture Square’s role, however, extends beyond showcasing works by local and international artists—it aims to bring the world of three-dimensional art to the community and to bridge the gap between the public and these artists.

Throughout the year, Sculpture Square runs lively community programs, including talks, informal meet-and-greets with artists, an annual children’s sculpture carnival, and the “Children’s Sculpture Exhibition,” featuring year-round sculpture workshops for children. It also provides comprehensive arts consultancy services, which are backed by curatorial expertise and a rapidly growing resource center.

Nestled within Singapore’s civic and cultural district, at the corner of Waterloo Street and Middle Road, Sculpture Square promises to be a refreshing sanctuary amid the city’s hustle and bustle. This treasured landmark of rich historical and cultural significance is a ten-minute stroll from the Bugis MRT train station. As part of the Waterloo Arts District, Sculpture Square is privileged to have neighbors such as the Action Theatre, Singapore Calligraphy Centre, Singapore Dance Ensemble, Young Musicians Society, the Singapore Art Museum, Stamford Arts Centre, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

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