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Dorotheenstraße 30


Berlin, Germany

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Performance by Andreas Sell, held as part of the conference “Void and Its Value in Art and Life,” presented at L40 Berlin and organized by Marlena Kudlicka as a second part of her solo exhibition “Archeology of Hole. Creating an Archive,” shown at Stedefreund, 2011. Photo: Jacek Kowalski. Courtesy Marlena Kudlicka

Stedefreund is a project by twelve Berlin artists who share the vision of using a space as a central hub for thematic and spatial interventions, as well as for artistic positions and statements. Its goal is to reflect on the public presentation and elaboration of individual artistic work. Solo and group shows are developed around conceptual themes. Stedefreund establishes independence within professional public contexts through collaborations with various curators, artists, and theoreticians.

On the basis of current and prior art activities, Stedefreund identifies aesthetic trends and movements. The project’s focus on internal and external discourse between artists, theoreticians, and critics builds a platform for political, social, and conceptual topics: retro-modern, politics of showing, new constructivism, and art historical sampling.

Stedefreund was founded by twenty artists in 2006. The first exhibition space, a prefab slab building on Rosenthaler Straße in Berlin/Mitte, grew over the course of two years into a significant site for interventions that were not limited to indoor spaces. In March 2009, Stedefreund moved to a new space on Dorotheenstraße, next to Friedrichstraße S-Bahn.

Stedefreund has made international exchanges with London, Vienna, Bern, and Skopje, and has participated in art fairs such as Berliner Kunstsalon, Preview Berlin, and Artttina Athens. It has also received invitations from ClubTransmediale, Art Swap Europe, and Akademie der Kuenste.

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