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#3, 331-8, Sangsu-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul
South Korea

The Book Society

Seoul, South Korea

Cover Image:

Exterior view of The Book Society, Seoul. Courtesy The Book Society

The Book Society opened in 2011 as a bookshop and project space by the Seoul-based independent publisher Mediabus. It started as a temporary project in 2010 for the independent art book event “The Book Society: Creating a New Culture of Publishing.” A year later, The Book Society turned into a space for the distribution and exhibition of small books, zines, artists’ books, project books, and indie magazines.

The Book Society aims to support artists and designers in the creation of their publications, while Mediabus produces artists’ books or monographs in collaboration with artists. An open and inviting space for artists, The Book Society has already hosted more than forty artist talks. With a varied program of book launches, exhibitions, seminars, and performances, it often serves as a meeting place and resource hub for local creators and improvisational musicians.

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