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70 HaYarkon
Tel Aviv

The Spaceship (HaHalalit)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Cover Image:

Interior view of The Spaceship, Tel Aviv, 2010. Photo: Kerem Halbrecht. Courtesy The Spaceship

The Spaceship (HaHalalit) is an independent collaborative group aiming to create and promote new, unorthodox, and open platforms for cultural activities. It seeks to explore the viability and changing nature of public space within the constraints of an increasingly privatized world. The Spaceship is a space in which people live, create, and host activities such as exhibitions, poetry nights, book and journal launches, architecture lectures, a cinema club, parties, and more. The Spaceship partners with independent initiatives such as alternative news broadcasts, festivals, and events in urban spaces. Activities at The Spaceship are free of charge and have been open to the general public since 2006.

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