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8371 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR

The Vestibule

Portland OR, USA

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Stacy Lynn Smith, “Accumulate,” 2010. Exhibition view at The Vestibule, Portland. Courtesy The Vestibule

The Vestibule is a project space for contemporary art in Portland, Oregon, established in December 2009. We aim to contribute to the community’s cultural dialogue and to promote progressive exchange by exhibiting innovative work by emerging talent. Our programming is focused on installations and collaborations that dynamically activate the gallery’s unique architecture. We will be expanding our scope with upcoming performance events, publications, guest curators, and web experiments.

An independently directed gallery housed within Disjecta Interdisciplinary Arts Center, The Vestibule is an institution that has been a vital resource and exhibition space in Portland for more than ten years. The wide variety of local, national, and international arts programming and events that take place at Disjecta attract diverse audiences.

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