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Chicago, IL


Chicago IL, USA

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Irena Knezevic, “Gesture Guild,” 2010. Performance at the exhibition’s opening at threewalls, Chicago. Photo: Jenny Ramos

threewalls was founded in 2003 to provide greater support and visibility to the visual arts community in Chicago. The founders wanted to encourage a greater awareness of Chicago’s art scene by inviting emerging professional artists to Chicago to share in the city’s rich histories, resources, and creative communities. In an effort to provide meaningful support to emerging artists, curators, and writers, threewalls has worked to form a sustainable organization that provides exhibition space, residency opportunities, and artist fees to visiting artists through the residency fellowship, and to regional artists through the SOLO program. Today, threewalls operates a year-round, self-directed research residency for artists and other art workers, and supports four SOLO exhibitions of work by local and regional artists. threewalls programs a salon series and symposium program to generate open dialogue, presentation of new ideas, the publication of new writing, and provides grants to artists working in artist-run organization and facilitation through The Propeller Fund. It also partners with other organizations on publication and education in an effort to broaden and contribute to the contemporary visual arts.

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