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c/o Springerin, Museumsplatz 1

Vienna, Austria

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“Court Experiment,” part of the project “Visual Dispositif – Social Dispositif,” organized by, 2010. Exhibition view at Visual Culture Research Center, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kiev. Photo: Yuriy Kruchak is a nonprofit association operating in the fields of visual arts and culture. Founded in 2004 in Vienna, it has achieved a great reputation as a trans-local knowledge provider as well as a research and education space and an agency for debate about and reflection on recent cultural histories and visual art.

Operating from a small but efficient infrastructure, acts as a laboratory for new methodologies in a wide range of media, including exhibitions, publications, educational initiatives, and other forms of public mediation. is part of, a collective of autonomous local associations with a similar profile, working in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. aims to define new cultural forms of cooperation and to offer a trans-local European public arena for the renarration of cultural histories; it is also engaged in numerous ancillary projects. co-curated Manifesta 8 in 2010.

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