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Friova 11
Prague 2
120 00
Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

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Tomáš Svoboda, Offer of Advertisement Area in a Private Flat, 2005. Performance documentation. Installation view of “Monument to Transformation,” at City Gallery Prague, 2009. Photo: Martin Polák. Courtesy is a project with an international scope that develops stances in art, culture, and everyday life—stances within strong theoretical backgrounds that at the same time develop innovative formats bringing theory back to practice.

One of the main conditions of’s work is collaboration. Together with Display, an art association based in Prague, we run a common exhibition and performance program called “tranzitdisplay,” and with JRP Ringier, Zurich, we run a publishing program called “tranzit series,” among many other activities.

We don’t trust the Fordist chain of activities, legitimizing our contemporary cultural production by quantity, labeling, or simple spectacle. We do trust dedication to the research of long-term artistic practices, intercontinental collaborations, unframed experiments, and iconoclastic, hybridizing, situational, transgressive, and resistant concepts of artistic practice. Such a vision must define the way to transform the institution itself and to make from it a model that creates its own specific micro-policy, compiling it from a collective collection of rules by which it will be directed.

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