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Király utca 102

Budapest, Hungary

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View of a public program at, Budapest. Courtesy belongs to the tranzit network (, which has worked independently in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia since 2002. The network has a polycentric structure as a collective of autonomous local units cooperating across various borderlines between nations and languages. is a space that cultivates encounters of different formats and contents, and does so in constant mediation. We follow the idea that artistic and curatorial thinking—including both theory and practice—produces an excess of knowledge that can be recycled and used in a broader social discourse. Our ambition is to create a space where culture is produced, rather than perceived; where values are tested and can be debated—especially in awareness of a conservative backlash. welcomes art and ideas that are underrepresented (e.g., in art history, cultural industries, and policies) or excluded elsewhere because of being difficult, out of fashion, unsellable, or not straight. Therefore, is keen on collaborating not only with well-established professionals, but also with bright, young intellectuals who are willing to take on responsibilities. is an anarchic, idealistic place where “mistakes” and “flaws” are rendered into new schemes. We believe that the conversations started through these projects contribute to form a responsible, critical, and experimental attitude toward contemporary life.

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