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Studená 12
Slovak Republic

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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“Andreas Neumeister,” 2008. Exhibition curated by Boris Ondreicka and Daniel Pies. Courtesy the archive of works in a large, postindustrial complex on the northern edge of the city of Bratislava. It consists of project spaces of approximately 1,500 square meters called “tranzit workshops” and around thirty-five free studios provided exclusively for locally-based artists, plus storage spaces and an exterior, which all together comprise approximately 6,000 square meters.

The main frame of our professional interest is the relationship between the arts of the 1960s and 1970s, and the contemporary—and the reevaluation of histories, memories, continuities, and parallelities. In this frame, we do extensive research and mediation activities between the former “West” and former “East,” and organize exhibitions and other formats of discourse. focuses on contemporary arts, poetry, philosophy, political science, and experimental sound. It cooperates with other tranzits in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary on a permanent basis.

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