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Vasl Artists' Collective

Karachi, Pakistan

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Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, “The Museum of Non Participation.” Wall interventions in various locations on the streets of Karachi, 2008. Photo: Karen Mirza. Courtesy Vasl

Vasl Artists’ Collective is a registered nonprofit space. An international platform for Pakistani artists and contemporary art in Pakistan, Vasl (Urdu for “meeting point”) is committed to creating a liberal space for experimentation and exchange. Part of the Triangle Arts Network, over the past ten years, its ongoing activities have included international workshops, local and international residencies, outreach programs, talks, and events. Though largely based in an apartment in Karachi—in which residencies and small events are hosted—Vasl’s activities include collaborations with individuals and organizations across Pakistan.

Vasl’s objectives are to actively assist, develop, and promote new, investigative, and experimental art practices in all media. Its activities promote discussion, understanding, and appreciation of contemporary arts and provide a forum for critical debate and the development of new and informed audiences within Pakistan. Through residencies and workshops, and by supporting the production, exhibition, and dissemination of contemporary art, Vasl encourages the exchange of ideas by Indian, South Asian, and international artists. The space also actively facilitates an informal network of contemporary artists, both within the region and global South, by supporting emerging artists as well as artists from smaller cities and marginal areas. Vasl publishes a quarterly newsletter and its website holds the largest worldwide database for contemporary art in Pakistan.

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