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Room 301, 29 Hao
Hengyijie, Chigangxilu

Vitamin Creative Space

Guangzhou, China

Cover Image:

Pak Shenug Chuen, Half Soul, Half Body, 2009. Installation view at the Pavilion, Vitamin Creative Space, Beijing, 2011. Courtesy Vitamin Creative Space

Vitamins are essential for life, and Vitamin Creative Space views contemporary art as the vitamin that keeps our life and society open. It is a space of physical and spiritual unity, and Vitamin Creative Space has been developing by its non-stop explorations within the transforming Chinese context—practically and theoretically. Life is a process of endless movement and extension. The activities happening at Vitamin Creative Space are constantly connected with the floating energies from life.

Constantly inspired by the confrontation between contemporary life and ancient Chinese philosophy, Vitamin Creative Space explores an alternative working-mode that is specifically geared toward the contemporary Chinese context.

Public Hours
Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
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