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ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre
Plot #4 - 5/4, KDA Scheme-7
Dhoraji Society, Karachi

VM Art Gallery

Karachi, Pakistan

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Exterior view of the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust building, Karachi. Courtesy VM Art Gallery

VM Art Gallery is a nonprofit art gallery with a vibrant and intimate space that has visions beyond a normal commercial art gallery. The gallery is supported and overseen by a visual arts committee comprising artists, art critics, and art educators. The trustees of the Rangoonwala Trust, who as avid admirers of art, especially from the Subcontinent, are ready to facilitate and provide their input in enhancing community living, and encourage art by presenting a rich array of cultural diversity to the gallery. As managing trustees and governing body of the visual arts committee, their role is vital in promoting the artist community, reliance, and avenues into progression, and establishing a strict criteria to ensure merit-based opportunities that are available for both established mainstream artists and emerging talent alike. Through a high level of standards, the gallery and its governing body make sure that the artists are compelled to bring forth such a level in their body of works.

The initial years of VM Art Gallery saw the emergence of Pakistani art in a new light within the gallery walls. The gallery’s ultimate mission has been to promote a younger breed of artists who are talented yet have neither the means nor access to break into the art community. Mostly fresh graduates of art school, they are given the opportunity to showcase their creativity in the gallery. VM follows an “open door policy,” through which young, unknown artists have gained tremendously, where they would not have otherwise done so.

VM Art Gallery explores significant aspects of current and historical art within a local, national, and international context. Since its inception, a kaleidoscope of artwork through collaborated efforts has evolved VM into one of the leading art galleries of Pakistan. Artists regard VM as a gallery of repute and prestige, and consider it a leading alternative space for showcasing contemporary art. It is well committed to the international scene and galleries within the city.

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