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205 Young Street
Fitzroy, Melbourne


Melbourne, Australia

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“Too Much of Everything,” 2009. Exhibition view at Y3K, Melbourne. Photo by James Deutsher. Courtesy Y3K, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne, and Murray White Room, Melbourne

Initiated by James Deutsher and Christopher LG Hill, Y3K was a two-year proposition—a gallery practice as an extension of an art practice and in support of a wider art and design community in Melbourne and abroad. Between 2009–11, Y3K exhibited artists and projects such as World Food Books, BLESS, Christopher LG Hill, Emmeleine deMooij, Jota Castro, Kinga Kielczynska, Melanie Bonaj, fabrics interseason, ffiX Xed, Heinz Peter Knes, James Deutsher, Matt Hinkley, Olivia Barrett, Pat Foster, Jen Berean, Rob McKenzie, SIBLING, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Jon Campbell, LOST Projects, Alex Vivian, Daniel duBern, Nick Selenitsch, Kain Picken, A Constructed World, Joshua Petherick, Helen Johnson, Bianca Hester, Misha Hollenbach, David Griggs, Sam Kiyoumarsi, Robert Langenegger, Nick Mangan, Matt Griffin, Masato Takasaka, Fiona Connor, Tahi Moore, Ida Ekblad, Art Centre Ongoing, Kit Lee, Kate Newby, Sriwhana Spong, Dylan Statham, Simon Taylor, Sophia Mitchell, Rowan Mcnaught, MM Yu, Ilia Farah Rosli, Marco Fusinato, TATE Modern, Marie Gaultier, Anna Hess, Veronica Kent, Jarrod Rawlins, Keith Al-Hasani, Ruby Lowe, Justin Clemens, Daniel Munn, Simon Denny, Dan Arps, Andrew Barber, Structural Integrity, Dan Bell, Kate Smith, Ardi Gunawan, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Ben Tankard, Steve Kado, Virginia Overall, Mateo Tannatt, Sean Peoples, Inri Cristo, Tara Rawlins, Lizzie Newman, Juan Davila, Janet Burchill, Jennifer McCarthy, Hao Guo, and Pow Martinez.

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