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Nizhniyaya Siromiatnicheskaya Str. 10

ZHIR Gallery

Moscow, Russia

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Kiss My Ba and Affinity art-group’s installations in the Festival of Regional Art Communities at ZHIR Gallery, Moscow, 2010. Photo: Anastasia Shishkova. Courtesy ZHIR Gallery

ZHIR Gallery is a nonprofit space opened in 2009 by curator Tatiana Volkova and gallerist Vladimir Ovcharenko in Moscow, and supported by Regina Gallery. Today, ZHIR is an independent project.

ZHIR supports and develops the activist art community, and collaborates with young and emerging artists who are working on the edge of contemporary art and social activism.

In 2009 and 2010, ZHIR monitored art activism in Russia, maintaining the activist art blog, which was moderated by curator Aljona Lapina. This resulted in a series of exhibitions with the participation of art groups such as PG, Agenda, Kiss My Ba, and Affinity art-group, among others.

The 2010–11 season at ZHIR was dedicated to media activism. Research continued in the field of art activism, focusing on the media effect it creates. In early 2011, ZHIR launched its discussion club, dedicated to activist art and its context, based in the Gileia bookstore.

For the 4th Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art in September 2011, ZHIR, in collaboration with ARTPL AY center, organized the “Media Impact” International Festival of Activist Art.

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