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174 Spears Street
Sanayeh, Beirut

Zico House

Beirut, Lebanon

Cover Image:

The common space for the artist residency program at Zico House, Beirut. Courtesy Zico House

Zico House is an alternative space geared toward helping artists create, experience, and communicate with civil society. For the past fifteen years, it has given artists the chance to have a foothold in the Lebanese artistic field, try out new ideas, work in an alternative, nonconventional space, and collaborate with other national, regional, and international artists. Zico House covers all kinds of artistic events, including installations, movie projections, painting exhibitions, concerts, plays, dance performances, workshops, lectures, poetry readings, book signatures, and more.

It is one of the few spaces in Lebanon that has been dedicated to the arts, without interruption, and despite everything that the country goes through. Furthermore, through Zico House, a number of independent artistic projects in Beirut and other local regions have come to fruition.

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