Thursday 02/11 7PM

Cheryl Donegan: Refashioning the Readymade

When Jasper Johns said, “Take something. Do something to it. Do something else to it,” he might not have meant “Cut jeans into shorts.” Art and fashion, however, have long crossed paths, and their intersections continue to draw out the art… Read more

Thursday 02/18 7PM

Who Owns Digital Social Memory?

Extensive new kinds of cultural archives have taken shape in recent years on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Social media facilitates the creation of cultural archives that are both diverse and participatory, and riddled with… Read more

Thursday 02/25 7PM

Cheryl Donegan: Fold, Screen, Skin: Contemporary Space in Contemporary Art

Exploring slippages between tactile and virtual worlds, “Fold, Screen, Skin: Contemporary Space in Contemporary Art” brings together a panel of artists and curators who examine the compression of three-dimensional space on two-dimensional surfaces,… Read more

Friday 03/11 7PM

Cheryl Donegan: Screening and Panel: Marjorie Keller’s Daughters of Chaos

Experimental filmmaker Marjorie Keller produced a rich body of work that constructed lyrical meditations on female experience through radically nonlinear editing. In 1994, at the time of her tragic death at the age of forty-three, Keller had produced… Read more

Thursday 03/24 7PM

“Anri Sala: Answer Me” Panel: Between Dog and Wolf: On Sight and Sound in Space

“Between Dog and Wolf: On Sight and Sound in Space” will plumb questions concerning visual and aural perception, taking its cue from the synesthetic facets prevalent in the work of Anri Sala. By bringing together various scholars and cultural producers… Read more

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