Sunday 11/08 3PM

“Heed, Dream, Hyper-Connect: Jim Shaw’s Speculative Irrealism”

John C. Welchman will pilot a “guidance device” probing Shaw’s crypto-prophetic journey through institutional (and disorganized) religion, runaway conspiracy theories, unmitigated Americana, identity-malformation, and symbological mayhem.… Read more

Friday 11/13 5PM

Lisa Stone and Natalie Bell in Conversation

Join curator and scholar Lisa Stone and Natalie Bell, Assistant Curator at the New Museum, for a conversation about Barbara Rossi’s practice. Stone has been an ardent admirer of Rossi’s work for decades and is deeply familiar with her creative… Read more

Sunday 11/15 3PM

Panel: “Truth Seekers and Hidden Worlds”

This panel takes its cue from Jim Shaw’s interest in religion and belief systems in contemporary American cultural life. It will consider a variety of religious, occult, esoteric, New Age, and conspiracist organizations, and the materials, images,… Read more

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