Events on 05/24/2014

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Saturday 05/24/14 12:53PM
Music / Performance

Let us keep our own noon

Titled “Gnomons,” Horvitz’s presentation includes the work Let us keep our own noon (2013), consisting of forty-seven handbells created through the remelting of a French church bell dating back to 1742. The work is activated by performers who, at… Read more

Saturday 05/24/14 3PM
Music / Performance

Conflict Removed

Presented as part of “Brooke O’Harra: I am Bleeding All Over the Place: Studies in directing or nine encounters between me and you” (May 16–24) and the spring R&D Season: VOICE. O’Harra’s “I am Bleeding All Over the Place…” is a protracted… Read more

Saturday 05/24/14 4:30PM
Music / Performance

“Hear, Here” Gallery Sessions: Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: “An informal séance…”

Presented in conjunction with “Hear, Here” and the spring R&D Season: VOICE. “Hear, Here” Gallery Sessions is a series of public events that take place within the exhibition “Hear, Here” by Jeanine Oleson, presented in the Fifth Floor Gallery.… Read more

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