Saturday 04/11 4PM

DIS Whet Talks with Robot Bina48 and Bruce Duncan on Mindfiles, MindClones, and Bina48 (android)

Ever find yourself wondering what a MindClone is or who Bina48 is? If yes, The Island (Ken) (2015) by DIS has the answers. At this talk, part of a larger series organized by DIS, Bruce Duncan,… Read more

Friday 04/24 6PM

Teen Night

On Friday April 24, explore contemporary art at the New Museum during an evening exclusively for teens! Grab your friends, and come for live music and teen-led gallery experiences. Investigate the 2015… Read more

Saturday 04/25 4PM

DIS Whet Talks: Rob Horning on the Acquisitive Gaze

Social shopping sites like Pinterest promise users consumerism without consumption, transferring the utility of goods to the mood that their images evoke. In this talk—part of a series of talks and performances that will take place at The Island… Read more

Friday 05/01 7PM

Alexander Provan presents Reality Formatting

At this performance, writer Alexander Provan will tell of a typical “expert listener” undergoing a test meant to refine the compression algorithms that underlie all digital media. He will place the audience within the sensorium of a middle-aged,… Read more

Sunday 05/03 3PM

Eduardo Navarro

Eduardo Navarro’s newly commissioned work for the Triennial, Timeless Alex (2015), departs from the conditions of experience determined by the human body to consider the phenomenological position of the turtle. The artist became intrigued… Read more

Saturday 05/09 4PM

DIS Whet Talks: McKenzie Wark on “Renotopia”

In this talk, writer McKenzie Wark will explore “how a new kitchen or bathroom became the outer limits of imagining the good life.” He observes: “Once upon a time, people aspired to build, if not brave new worlds, then at least pretty cock-sure… Read more

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