Saturday 11/14 3PM

Hall Pass

Exploring the legacies of queer, feminist video production, “Hall Pass” brings together artists Cecilia Dougherty, Cheryl Dunye, and Tara Mateik to discuss their work and influences. The panel will consider past and present strategies for examining… Read more

Friday 12/11 7PM

Temporary Arrangement: Wynne Greenwood

“Temporary Arrangements” is a unique concert series that invites artists to form one-night-only bands and stage their premiere—and, by definition, also final—performances at the New Museum. Curated by Wynne Greenwood, the series emerges out… Read more

Saturday 12/12 3PM

“Can you take it from ‘Hey, Tracy…’”

Bringing together artists who work in film, stand-up comedy, and performance, “Can you take it from ‘Hey, Tracy…’” is a panel discussion that explores the potentiality of performing and disrupting different kinds of scripts. Considering the… Read more

Sunday 12/13 3PM

Release Party: Wynne Greenwood and Friends

Celebrating the release of a comprehensive catalogue on Wynne Greenwood’s work, copublished by the Cooley Gallery and the New Museum, this launch will echo the format of an album release party, in which a number of bands perform short, back-to-back… Read more

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