Special Engagement

The New Museum occasionally partners with other institutions, organizations, and curators to present special programs on contemporary art issues that go beyond the range of the New Museum’s regular series programs. These events may take the form of panel discussions, performances, readings, lectures, screenings, workshops, and beyond.

Saturday 05/03 12PM

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven (Fifth Anniversary Edition)

Full information on the Seven on Seven website.

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference pairs contemporary artists with luminary technologists to make something new in a single day. Following… Read more

Saturday 05/03 6PM

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Fifth Anniversary After-Party

Celebrating art & technology

Join participants, attendees, and a wider group of art, tech, and cultural influencers to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven. Taking place directly after the conference, the… Read more

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