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I am Bleeding All Over the Place: Are we in conflict?

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Image: Brooke O’Harra giving notes to Room for Cream performers at the club at La Mama E.T.C April 2008. Photo: Nina Hoffmann

Presented as part of “Brooke O’Harra: I am Bleeding All Over the Place: Studies in Directing, or Nine Encounters Between Me and You” (May 16–24).

“Are we in conflict?” is the first study in Brooke O’Harra’s ongoing project “I am Bleeding All Over the Place.” For this study, O’Harra will direct a group of performers (including Becca Blackwell, Babs Davey, Will Davis, and Laryssa Husiak) as they rehearse the project texts (written by Kristen Kosmas, Erin Courtney, and Heidi Schreck), working from very basic questions about the “acting” of the texts and analyzing the voice of the body. This study assumes the form of a public encounter.

O’Harra’s “I am Bleeding All Over the Place…” is a protracted performance in the form of a series of studies on directing. The New Museum presents the first three of nine studies that comprise this two-year project. Each iteration takes a variety of forms: Some will be clearly scripted, scored, and rehearsed to perfection, while others will be developed or literally “written” in front of an audience. This examination of the director’s role through different encounters argues that bodies are never neutral. “I am Bleeding All Over the Place” proposes a kind of theater where each person operates as both reader and maker, and where the potency of a performance happens in the experiential, emotional, and phenomenological gaps produced by the encounter of bodies.

Brooke O’Harra is a freelance director. She is also Cofounder (with composer Brendan Connelly) of the Theater of a Two-headed Calf and has developed and directed all of their productions. Her most recent Two-headed Calf production, the opera project “You My Mother,” had two runs in NYC, one in 2012 at La Mama ETC and one in 2013 at the River to River Festival. O’Harra also directed, wrote for, and performed in the Dyke Division of Two-headed Calf’s live lesbian soap opera “ROOM FOR CREAM.” O’Harra is currently working on several projects: two performance projects with her partner Sharon Hayes—“Times Passes” (the Performing Garage, NYC) and “Act Two” (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam); a new musical with Lisa D’Amour and Connelly using Jack Spicer’s “Billy the Kid” poem; and “I am Bleeding All Over the Place: Studies in Directing or Nine Encounters Between Me and You” at the New Museum. She is an Assistant Professor at Bates College.


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