Past Events

Saturday 03/07/15 4:30PM
Music / Performance

DIS Whet Talks: Chus Martínez on the Metabolic Era

As part of a series of talks and performances that will take place at The Island (Ken) (2015)—an installation by the artist collective DIS—Chus Martínez, curator and Head of the Institute of Art at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, will… Read more

Saturday 03/07/15 12PM


This daylong symposium questions how the legacy of identity politics might be reconsidered in light of our present culture, where making oneself visible is de rigueur and yet can also carry threatening connotations: being captured, tracked, or dangerously… Read more

Saturday 03/07/15 10AM-12PM
Family Programs

First Saturday for Families: Place and Space

Join us from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Sky Room for a family workshop offered in conjunction with the 2015 Triennial: “Surround Audience,” on view from February 25 to May 24, 2015. A signature initiative of the New Museum, the Triennial is the only… Read more

Friday 03/06/15 7PM
Music / Performance

Fitness Guide by Geumhyung Jeong

For Fitness Guide (2011), featured in the Triennial, Geumhyung Jeong modified a series of exercise machines, readjusting key parts and activating them in a durational performance. The performance begins with Jeong using the machines in routine ways; gradually… Read more

Thursday 03/05/15 7PM

Liquid Poetry with Brian Droitcour

Brian Droitcour, editor of The Animated Reader, a poetry collection published as part of the Triennial, will discuss those ideas about digital media, identity, and translation in contemporary poetry that form the basis of the book. His talk will also… Read more

Sunday 03/01/15 5PM

Lawrence Abu Hamdan on Contra Diction: Speech Against Itself

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s talk, titled “Contra Diction: Speech Against Itself,” will address the ways in which our right to silence can be preserved in what the artist calls “today’s All-Hearing and All-Speaking society.” In his reappraisal of… Read more

Sunday 03/01/15 3PM
Film / Video

Exploring the Blind Spots of Secrecy, Censorship, and National Security with Exterritory

The collaborative Exterritory (Maayan Amir and Ruti Sela) was founded in 2009 in response to the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Employing the concept of “exterritoriality,” which designates spaces, entities, and individuals whose… Read more

Sunday 03/01/15 1PM

Panel: On Being Surrounded

For this panel, participating artists Nadim Abbas, Josh Kline, and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané will discuss how their works address a topic that the Triennial takes as its metaphorical point of departure: the “condition of being surrounded.” From Abbas’s… Read more

Saturday 02/28/15 6PM
Music / Performance

Launch of Steve Roggenbuck’s New Collection

The work of poet Steve Roggenbuck explores, in his own words, “the new forms that poetry, humor, and spirituality might take on the internet.” Presenting and distributing his work almost exclusively through social-media platforms—Twitter, Facebook,… Read more

Saturday 02/28/15 4:30PM
Music / Performance

DIS Whet Talks: Casey Jane Ellison on Female-Focused Artist Interviews

For the first event in a series of talks and performances that will take place at The Island (Ken) (2015)—an installation by the artist collective DIS—artist and comedian Casey Jane Ellison will interview a selection of other female-identified participating… Read more

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