Past Events

Saturday 09/07 1PM

Always Already Obsolete: Considering the convergence of analog and digital media

Beyond media specificity, what happens after videotape has been absorbed into a new medium—and what are the implications of these continuing shifts in format for how we understand access and preservation? This panel considers forms of preservation that… Read more

Saturday 09/07 10AM-12PM
Family Programs

First Saturdays for Families: What’s an archive?

What is an archive? Is it a collection? Is it an object? Or a place? Is it always made up of old stuff? Is it only important things? Who decides what goes into it? Discover the possibilities of what an archive can be through conversations and family… Read more

Thursday 09/05 7:30PM-8:15PM
Film / Video


New York–based web and broadcast program E.S.P. TV will shoot an episode in “XFR STN” at the New Museum, Thursday September 5, 7:30–8:15 p.m. Special guest Diamond Terrifier will perform with live green-screen manipulation in response to the exhibition… Read more

Thursday 09/05 7PM
Film / Video

Coleen Fitzgibbon & Andrea Callard, Colab TV

Colab members Andrea Callard and Coleen Fitzgibbon will share clips from Potato Wolf, All Color News, and Red Curtain, as well as offer their perspective on what social television-making had to say at the time, why it is important to look at it again,… Read more

Thursday 08/29 7PM
Film / Video

Naked Eye Cinema Night

Members of the Naked Eye Cinema group will present a selection of their films from the MWF Video Club collection, including Corrective Measures (Peter Cramer, 1986), Nocturnes (Peter Cramer & Leslie Lowe, 1987), Brains by Revlon (Jack Waters, 1986), and… Read more

Thursday 08/22 7PM
Film / Video

MoRUS & the Lower East Side Squatting Movement

Bill Di Paola and collective members from the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces (MoRUS) will present selected videos and images from the squatting movement in the Lower East Side, including important period documentaries by Rik Little and Franck Goldberg… Read more

Thursday 08/22 7PM

In Conversation: Stanya Kahn discusses the work of Llyn Foulkes

Stanya Kahn is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in video, with a practice that includes performance, writing, sound design, drawing, animation, and digital media. Kahn’s hybrid practice borrows from pop vernacular, documentary tropes, improvisation,… Read more

Saturday 08/17 3PM

The Participatory Walk: Todd Shalom

Join Todd Shalom in this workshop on the participatory walk form. Shalom will reveal the underbelly of an Elastic City walk, leading attendees through various ways to read and respond to their surroundings in a co-investigation of the everyday. Various… Read more

Thursday 08/15 7PM
Film / Video

Michael Carter, Rivington Scene

The MWF Video Club codirector will present a selection of videos from the Rivington Scene, a collection of artists and poets associated with the sculpture garden built on squatted vacant lots, and the adjacent galleries on Rivington Street—No Se No,… Read more

Thursday 08/08 7PM
Film / Video

Clayton Patterson: From the Underground and Below

Short documentaries on art, performance, and popular struggle in the Lower East Side by Clayton Patterson and compiled by Elsa Rensaa, including an excerpt of Patterson’s video of the 1988 Tompkins Square Park riot. Followed by a discussion with… Read more

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