Resource Center

“Temporary Center for Translation” 2014. Exhibition view: New Museum. Photo: Benoit Pailey

In late 2013, the Education Department at the New Museum unveiled its newly reconfigured Resource Center, providing a platform for making visible histories, research, and broader contexts for artistic and curatorial production. The Resource Center is outfitted with vitrines for showing archival and other objects, two flat-screen monitors which are utilized to screen recordings of past performance works and discursive programs, and a publically-accessible resource library with New Museum publications, select periodicals, and other books related to the institution’s research endeavors. The Resource Center is a flexible space, and is used by a variety of practitioners—in some cases operating to showcase the New Museum’s own historical documents; in others occupied by artists or curators who bring materials from elsewhere. The public is encouraged to use the space as a space for study and discussion; it is a hybrid exhibition, research, and reading area.

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