Chris Burden at the juncture of art and architecture: Collaboration and Risk

It has been a little over a month since the New Museum’s solo exhibition of Chris Burden, “Extreme Measures,” closed. Two works central to the exhibition—Ghost Ship (2003) and Twin Quasi-Legal… Read more

by Joshua R. Edwards, Director of Exhibitions Management, Margot Norton, Assistant Curator, and Bevin Savage-Yamazaki, Associate at Gensler, the New Museum’s Architect of Record

City as Curriculum: The 9th Mercosul Biennial

In the vibrant field of international biennials, the Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is distinguished by its commitment to pedagogy and active exploration of new methods for mediating and presenting… Read more

by Mônica Hoff, Ground Curator of the 9th Mercosul Biennial & Dominic Willsdon, Pedagogical Cloud Curator of the 9th Mercosul Biennial, Introduction by Lauren Cornell, Curator, 2015 Triennial, Digital Projects, and Museum as Hub
Museum as Hub
Mercosul Biennial


IDEAS CITY explores the future of cities around the globe with the belief that arts and culture are essential to the vitality of urban centers, making them better places to live, work, and create. IDEAS… Read more

by Guilherme Wisnik, Curator of the Tenth São Paulo Architecture Biennial, Translated by Gillian Sneed

A Report on “XFR STN”: LOCKSS-Ness Monster: “What Have We Done?!”

Over an eight-week period this summer, the New Museum hosted “XFR STN” (Transfer Station), a media archiving project that included transferring video material from the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video… Read more

by David J. Kim, with an introduction by New Museum Digital Archivist Tara Hart
David J. Kim
Tara Hart
MWF Video Club

Museum as Hub Residencies: Chimurenga Chronicles the Now-Now

In February of this year, the Cape Town–based Pan-African publishing platform Chimurenga began a residency with the Museum as Hub. As is frequently the structure for many of the Hub’s research residencies,… Read more

by Ryan Inouye, Assistant Curator, Museum as Hub
Museum as Hub
Ryan Inouye

From the Art Spaces Online Directory: Talking with Western Front’s Caitlin Jones

Founded in 1973 as a live/work alternative space dedicated to “non-objective art practices,” including performance, poetry, video, dance, and all manner of interdisciplinary experimentation, the Western… Read more

by Lauren Cornell, Curator, 2015 Triennial, Digital Projects, and Museum as Hub
Art Spaces Directory
The Western Front

oO becomes Oo and oo: 2 Countries in an Uneven Structure at the Venice Biennale

This past June, Curator Gary Carrion-Murayari visited the 55th Venice Biennale and was particularly struck by the joint Cypriot and Lithuanian Pavilion, united for the first time this year at a sports… Read more

On Building Virtual Museums

In May, New Museum Deputy Director Karen Wong attended the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting in Baltimore. The five-day extravaganza of a conference brought together five thousand museum professionals… Read more

Antagonism and Failure

In the following text, artist and writer Victor Albarracín recounts the four-year lifespan of El Bodegón, an art space founded in Bogotá in 2005 by a group of art students and professors. The essay… Read more

by Victor Albarracín, artist, teacher, and cofounder of El Bodegón; Translated from Spanish by Manuel Kalmanovitz González, with an introduction by Ryan Inouye, Assistant Curator, Museum as Hub
El Bodegón
Museum as Hub
Art Spaces Directory
Center for Historical Reenactments

The Failure of a Project: Gezi Park and more

Last October, when the New Museum organized the first international IDEAS CITY Conference in Istanbul, the city’s immense beauty, cultural and historical significance, as well as its hyper-ambitious… Read more

by Vasif Kortun, Director of Research and Programs at SALT Galata, Istanbul, with an introduction by Corinne Erni, Project Manager, IDEAS CITY
SALT Galata

Writing the Canon: Notes on Art Education in Egypt

Six Degrees encompasses critical essays, in-depth research, and diverse opinions about the arts and its contexts from practitioners around the world, as well as dispatches by New Museum staff. In this… Read more

Museum as Hub: Reflections on the 2013 Conference by Natasha Marie Llorens

On April 12–13, 2013, the Museum as Hub hosted a conference to mark the sixth anniversary of the Hub initiative. The conference aimed, in part, to consider strategies for the next phase of the project,… Read more

On Instituting A New Space For Thought

In the late spring of 2012, curators Sarah Rifky (formerly of Townhouse in Cairo) and Jens Maier-Rothe (Whitney Independent Study Program graduate) had both planned to be in Beirut. A fortunate turn of… Read more

by Sarah Rifky, Codirector, Beirut, Cairo, with introduction by Ryan Inouye, Assistant Curator, Museum as Hub
Museum as Hub
Art Spaces

Six Degrees: A Roundup of Archive Initiatives

It’s January—the time of year when contemporary art periodicals publish their “Best of the Year” selections, summarizing what has happened or what is to come. These annual reflections often present… Read more

by Ryan Inouye, Assistant Curator, Museum as Hub
Museum as Hub
Link Roundup

What’s Art Got To Do With It?

Brazilianification is a term that was coined to describe the process in which the middle class disappears and the gulf between the upper and lower classes widens. On my recent trip to São Paulo (where… Read more

by Corinne Erni, Project Manager, IDEAS CITY
São Paulo
Social Service of Commerce

Museum as Hub: ENDNOTES: Was it a Question of Power?

O my body, make of me always a man who questions! —Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks There is a passage in Bessie Head’s 1974 autobiographical novel, A Question of Power, in which a teacher hides… Read more

by Gabi Ngcobo, Center for Historical Reenactments
Center for Historical Reenactments
South Africa
Museum as Hub

Museum as Hub: Interview with Beta-Local by Ruba Katrib

Beta-Local is a nonprofit center for contemporary art initiated in 2009 and located in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I met the three cofounders, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Michy Marxuach, and Tony… Read more

by Ruba Katrib, Curator, SculptureCenter
Museum as Hub
Puerto Rico
Old San Juan

Whirlwind at Art Basel Miami

Every December, Art Basel Miami and the hundreds of satellite events can be equally illuminating and frustrating. There are many ways to skin an art fair—and in this post, New Museum’s Gary Carrion-Murayari,… Read more

by Gary Carrion-Murayari, Curator, and Karen Wong, Deputy Director
Art Basel
Architecture for Dogs

Museum as Hub: Archiving Roberto Chabet

This past summer, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, launched The Chabet Archive, comprised of over eight thousand documents that span fifty years of work by pioneering artist Roberto Chabet (b. 1937, Manila).… Read more

by Ryan Inouye, Assistant Curator, Museum as Hub
Roberto Chabet
The Chabet Archive
Museum as Hub
Asia Art Archive
Shop 6

A Prompt for Architectural Theory

Following a lively exchange on the topic of networks during an IDEAS CITY: Istanbul panel, Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler closed with a jarring prompt. “Perhaps,” he considered aloud, “networks… Read more

by Troy Conrad Therrien, Partner, Therrien–Barley
Untapped Capital

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