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Week of 09/01/2013–09/07/2013

This panel brings together artists and leading figures in the digital preservation field for a discussion on the theory and practice of preserving the fragile cultural artifacts and artworks of the computer… Conversations Born Digital: Conservation in the Computer Age
Beyond media specificity, what happens after videotape has been absorbed into a new medium—and what are the implications of these continuing shifts in format for how we understand access and preservation?… Conversations Always Already Obsolete: Considering the convergence of analog…
What is an archive? Is it a collection? Is it an object? Or a place? Is it always made up of old stuff? Is it only important things? Who decides what goes into it? Discover the possibilities of what… Teen and Family Programs First Saturdays for Families: What’s an archive?
New York–based web and broadcast program E.S.P. TV will shoot an episode in “XFR STN” at the New Museum, Thursday September 5, 7:30–8:15 p.m. Special guest Diamond Terrifier will perform with live… Screenings XFR STN on E.S.P. TV
Colab members Andrea Callard and Coleen Fitzgibbon will share clips from Potato Wolf, All Color News, and Red Curtain, as well as offer their perspective on what social television-making had to say at… Screenings Coleen Fitzgibbon & Andrea Callard, Colab TV

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