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Rob Pruitt: Alone (Facing East) & Alone (Facing West)


Alone (Facing East) & Alone (Facing West)

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The panda tends to be the star attraction at every zoo. Rob Pruitt’s fascination with the panda, however, extends beyond its universal appeal to his interest in the duality of its yin/yang coloring and its androgynous appearance. For his New Museum Limited Edition, Pruitt has rendered this intriguing wildlife superstar in opalescent white and green glitter.


Alone (Facing East) & Alone (Facing West), 2000
Seragraphic prints with enamel ink and micronic mica chips on Koshiji Japanese paper
Each: 30 1/2 × 38 in (77.5 × 96.5 cm)

Two portfolio editions of 100, 8 APs, and 2 PPs
Courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise

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