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Anna Parkina: In Full Bud


In Full Bud

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Anna Parkina
In Full Bud, 2009
Three stone lithograph
23 ¾ x 17 ¾ in (60 × 45 cm)
Printed by the Surikov’s Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Sedov and Mr. Ivanov
Edition of 30 with 5 APs
Published by Lisa Ivorian-Jones for the New Museum, New York

One of the most interesting emerging artists of 2010, Russian artist Anna Parkina (b. 1979), works in a wide range of media, from performance and sculpture to works on paper. Parkina has created an editioned three stone lithograph, In Full Bud, exclusively for the New Museum. There is a cinematic quality to this work, an atmosphere of film noir, in which images of the artist looking back over her shoulder commingle with images of a man in a black hat. The figures depicted are unwilling participants, refusing the viewer any attempt at a historic reading. The viewer is forced into the role of voyeur as attempts are made to create narratives from the shifting shapes and forms, which lend the print a tension and drama. In the words of the artist, In Full Bud strives to “approach a different level of ‘propaganda.’” Parkina is “interested in the inner ability of the eye, which is not only static, but creative. That is the “propaganda” of the eye that can see unseen from the world [and which is] accessible to everyone.” Printmaking was Parkina’s main practice at art school in Paris, and she has produced many magazines, books, and posters since then. The notion of “editions” is part of her understanding of art, which she feels “is close to life and to ‘propaganda.’”

In Full Bud was made by hand, not a machine, which is why the colors vary slightly from print to print. The lithographs were made with three stones: the first was made with Xerox transfer on stone and then printed from this stone. The second color is dark blue-purple, and the third color in the print is green. In Full Bud directly relates to Parkina¹s collage methodology that the artist regularly employs in her larger body of work. The effect of the print is very much like a collage; instead of thick layers of paper, it has transparent layers of color and texture, and the use of the Xerox transfer generates the appearance of a photocopy encrusted in the lithograph. Collage is the main medium used by Parkina, and she states, “[collage] takes [a] different dimension, with the texture and vibrations that come with [the] ornamental alternation of color and shape.”

Anna Parkina lives and works in Moscow, having studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and received her MFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Parkina exhibited in “Making Worlds,” curated by Daniel Birnbaum, Venice Biennale (2009). The artist shows with Wilkinson Gallery, London, and will have her first exhibition with Barbara Gladstone Gallery, NY, in spring 2010. Currently, Parkina is included a group exhibition at KAI10, Düsseldorf, and will be included in a feature in Frieze magazine, highlighting the most promising artists of 2010.

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