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Lynda Benglis, ELEPHANT NECKLACE, 2017. White bronze sculpture cast at Bollinger Atelier, from a unique ceramic work produced at the Taos, New Mexico studio of Hank Saxe and Cynthia Patterson. 8 1/2 × 11 × 10 1/2 in (21.6 × 27.9 × 26.7 cm). Edition of twenty with seven APs, each signed and numbered. Produced by Lisa Ivorian-Jones for the New Museum. Photo: Scott Rudd

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In celebration of the New Museum’s fortieth anniversary and its tenth year on the Bowery, Lynda Benglis has created ELEPHANT NECKLACE (2017). The limited edition deepens the artist’s history with the Museum, which proudly presented her first retrospective in 2011.

ELEPHANT NECKLACE (2017) is a highly polished nickel-bronze cast of a unique ceramic created in the Taos, New Mexico studio of Hank Saxe and Cynthia Patterson, longtime collaborators of the artist. Benglis notes that ELEPHANT NECKLACE series is reminiscent of blown-out tires found on the side of the freeway. “ELEPHANT NECKLACES are artifacts that I imagine as extrusions of life,” she says. “They could be described as fragments from mammoths’ trunks of an ancient time. Or perhaps they resemble strange umbilical cords cut after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.”

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